Here's Why you need this Banking Software

When you get the banking software, you’ll receive updates every month and our Technical Support will make sure that your banking script is running professionally.

Start your Banking Software

Having this Banking Software can help save you hundreds of hours of work and the best part is you can start your project in less than one work week. Secure Paymentz will help you to create your project and start running your Banking Software.
Reason #1
Banking Software

Fast installation

The Banking Software installation is quick and easy, and the great part about this banking system is that the source code is not encrypted, echo hallows customizations to the system as well as giving you control of the data base of your clients.
Reason #2
Banking Script

Advanced Banking System

Secure Paymentz offers an advanced system that can connect to your banking network with prepaid cards as well as visa, MasterCard, etc. When your clients purchase something with their debit cards, they will automatically be able to see their transactions in their online banking account.
Reason #3
eWallet Software

Lifetime Customer Support

Our service also includes customer support, as well as the ability to buy support hours with us if you have a lot of clientes. With this options we can answer all of your questions for your clients in a more concise manner. For this additional service, please get in contact with Secure Paymentz for additional information.
Reason #4
Core Banking Software

Questions Before Getting the Software

Please read the most popular questions and If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact our team. We are ready to discuss additional customization

How many days does it take the Banking installation?

The first step that we take is to organize your server. Once the servers are configured, we start the installation of your banking software, which takes about 2-3 business days. Sometimes it can take a few days longer if your server needs further configuring or a special feature installed.

Is the Banking Software 100% White-Labeled?

Yes, the Banking System is 100% White-Labeled, and we will upload your logo, as well as any customizations that you would prefer to make the system unique and ensure that all your clients are satisfied with the services, please send us an email and we can talk about all your new ideas for your banking project.

What can I do with this Banking Software?

Many customers use this Banking Software as a mini-bank for financial institutions, Investments, Bitcoins, schools, supermarkets, taxis or even to connect them with prepaid-cards so that the user can use them in different shops and check their balance with the banking system. The idea is that customers can have quick software that is updated over time and can give better satisfaction to each user.

What features does the Banking Software offer?

The system has an administrator section where you can manage all users and can also make transactions, both manual and automatic. If you have an API, we can install it and make the system automated. In addition to a system admin, it also has a section for users where each user can deposit, transfer money or withdraw funds.

Can I Customize my Banking Software if I need to?

Secure Paymentz has a group of programers who can create a Banking Software from 0 for your business, making the banking software completely unique to your business, this way you can have the best technology for your clients. Please get in contact to talk further about how we can help you and your business.

Why do I need to start my own Virtual Banking?

Creating a Virtual Bank is very interesting, since every day there are millions of transactions that can benefit you. Imagine having 1000 transactions per day, and making $25 for each wire, like most banks? that you give about $500,000 monthly, that would be almost $6 million per year, Now do you understand why you should have your own ebanking software?

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