Discover how you can build your own Banking Software

We can install this Banking Software in your server and add multiple currencies, commodities like gold, silver and crypto.

Great on any device

The system is ready, and in just a few minutes, you could start working with the banking software. Great on Browser, Android or iOS smartphone.
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White Label System

You can change the logo as many times as you would like, and this can help your business to get more clients and provide a better service.
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Real Bitcoins addresses

Absolutely transparent Bitcoin money transfers. Our system generates real bitcoin addresses that can be traced in Blockchain transactions list. Instantly and securely with minimal network fees.
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API for merchants

Let your users accept more than 50 currencies on their site! An open API system for all users will quickly generate a payment form. Developers Sandbox will allow you to test payments before the start of great battle!
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Popular deposit methods

The system pre-installed more than 5 payment methods for crypto and fiat money. This list is easy to expand - the script is ready to integrate new gateways - our rich documentation will incredibly speed up this process.
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The Fastest Way To have a Banking Software

We have the best features that can help your banking software be more intelligent, and able to complete all of your clients objectives.

User Section Overview

In this section, the users can check their balance, as well as all their bank accounts that they have.
Recent Transactions
Users can see all of their recent transactions that they have made
My Cards
The system offers the opportunity to connect with debit cards.
Loan Payments
The user can pay their loans as well as apply for loans, in just seconds.
Money Transfer
All users can transfer money between users, or make wire-transfers easily.

Payment Gateway

This system alloys you to add multiple payment methods in the setting section. If you wish, we can also install an additional API.
All payment methods are secure, and you will have control over all of the funds that are within the payment provider that is connected to the banking software. You just need to tell us which API to install, and we take care of it.
You will also have the ability to connect your Banking Network, giving your clients the option to make international transfers with just a few clicks. From the administrator section, you will be able to control all of these transfers.

Create Accounts and fees

They system offers the opportunity to create any kind of account, as well as add commissions, as you wish, for each transaction that the users make, as well as interest and account maintenance fees. Are you ready to have the most profitable system?
  • interest rate %
  • Transfer between users fee
  • Maintenance fee

We Added New Premium Features

We can now connect your Banking Network provider with the Banking Software, which allows all of your users can add their Debit Card. This will also mean that they can use their debit cards at millions of stores, immediately. The banking system can store all of the information in seconds, offering the best security in connection, as well as the opportunity to be able to add unlimited premium features. Let's start working on your installation.
Secure Paymentz has a group of programers who can create a Banking Software from 0 for your business, making the banking software completely unique to your business, this way you can have the best technology for your clients. Please get in contact to talk further about how we can help you and your business. Our Demo Banking is the perfect training platform for your testing.
Creating a Virtual Bank is very interesting, since every day there are millions of transactions that can benefit you. Imagine having 1000 transactions per day, and making $25 for each wire, like most banks? that you give about $500,000 monthly, that would be almost $6 million per year, Now do you understand why you should have your own ebanking software? Get today your new banking software and start your own banking!

Ready To Grow Your Business?

Our Demo Banking is the perfect training platform for your testing. Do you Need a personal demo? Just contact us!

This Banking Software comes with more features

Any language

You can translate this Banking Software in multiple languages and if you can’t find your language you can always translate the system manually.
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All the currencies available

This banking script also gives you the opportunity to add multiple fiat currencies, commodities like gold, silver as well your own currency if you like.
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Payment API Available

Secure Paymentz offers an open payment acceptance protocol on third-party sites. Any currency is supported. Simple payment form generator will help you get started quickly without any coding.
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SEO friendly

You can promote your Banking System with Secure Paymentz very easily and get new sign ups. The system allows you to turn on the captcha or use e-mail verification.
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